Data Storage

You can view a CSON representation of the data storage of the system at ./meta/ here

The file DB_CONFIG.php should have all the columns as represented in the CSON file above.

There is no equivalent to BD-Maps' following fields:

  • Global ID: Redundant to sample ID
  • Country / Continent / Region: Redundant and derivable from coordinate bounding boxes
  • Elevation: Lookup-able from sample coordinates
  • Accuracy: Should be built in to radius field.
  • Coordinate source: Is the model of GPS actually relevant?
  • Developmental stage: Per-sample, should be included in raw data. At a high level, redundant to sampled_species_detail[N].sampled_life_stages
  • Method of detection: Since this may vary on a per-sample basis, this is relegated to the raw data.
  • Abnormalities: Problems in data are encapsulated in disease_no_confidence, problems with animals belong with the raw data.
  • All individual sample data (eg, spore count, genbank ID, etc): Belongs in raw data

Configuration Data

This data is encrypted using BlackBox. If you want access to the configuration, please ask to have your credentials added, or add it yourself in a clone and push the changes. Once you let an administrator know, you can be added to the keyring and gain decryption privledges.